A  Company You Can Trust:

We are a professional manufacturer for Muslim watches & clocks. We produce azan watch & clock. Each step of manufacturing is to be well completed under our strict QA & QC system; we have established very comprehensive standard operation procedures, which is the most important reason to let us maintain the high ranking in Muslim watches & clocks.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:

The progress in manufacturing Islamic watches in order to become a world leader in the field of integrated Islamic watches thanks to our human resources and excellence in technical techniques, services, commercial integrity, community care and the environment.

Our Mission:

We aim to manufacture advanced technical foundations and solutions from the pride of Islamic industries in the world and merge them with the elegance and the quality of perfect work to achieve our customer interests and satisfy the predictions of our clients with ensuring the highest value for the product of Al-asr.


Our Values:

We aim to promote teamwork, customer service, continuous innovation, communication integrity and trust in work.


Our Strategic Goals:

To achieve “aims of succeed” status in our core lines of business.

To align our company, structure, and systems to efficiently and effectively support our mission, our growth, and our core lines of business.

To gain superior information about our customers, our markets, and our financial and operational performance.

To attract, develop, and retain key personnel to support our mission, vision, and business objectives.